Saturday, November 12, 2011

Polanski and Vampire Killers

One of his funniest films, a lot of surprising moments, and a lot left for our imagination. Polanski filmed it in 1967 so the quality of the video is still the good old one. It is something like a vampire smart soap opera with a lot of snow! We can also see Polanski acting in his movie, he's a good actor too.

Coming straight on the heels of Polanski's international success with Repulsion, the film was mounted on a lavish scale - color cinematography, huge sets in England, location filming in the Alps, elaborate costumes and choreography suitable for a period epic. Previously accustomed only to extremely low budgets, Polanski chose some of the finest English cinema craft artists to work on the film: cameraman Douglas Slocombe, production designer Wilfrid Shingleton. Polanski engaged noted choreographer Tutte Lemkow, who played the titular musician in Fiddler on the Roof, for the film's climactic danse macabre minuet.
During filming the director decided to switch formats to anamorphic while filming on location. Flat scenes already filmed were optically converted to match.

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