Thursday, December 15, 2011

"The professional" Luc Besson

Love comes in strange circumstances, perhaps because it is only this: complicity, connection, to be on the same side of the pond, to feel recognized in the other. Who cares about something as silly as the age or circumstances. Something that many people could see unethical or unhealthy, maybe it's something as simple as affection, such as wanting to be next to eachother, sharing life. This love Mathilda (Natalie Portman) and Leon (Jean Reno) in one of the best Luc Besson's films "The Professional".

Everyone knows that Luc Besson likes soulful murderers, the murderers of murderers, with rules, discipline, and a sad story in the past. Cute and lonely people with particular habits, like Nikita, Zoe Saldana and recently in Colombia, who liked to dance and love after doing the dirty work. In The Professional, Leon drinks milk and has rules: no killing or women, or children, exercise, ordered his clothes, he likes music and especially loves his plant. He who is extremely quiet, does not socialize with anyone until he meets Mathilda, a Natalie Portman at least 11 years, which acted as well as in his latest film, with which he won an Oscar.

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