Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Prophet: No 19 best crime film of all time!!!

With a lot of memories, tenderness and love for a very good friend of mine, I recommend you this almost perfect creation, the person who once recommended it to me is a great camara man and knows a lot about film industry! Please take it in consideration :) For you Tom!

The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Audiard's brilliant 2005 film, was the study of a Parisian delinquent whose past is prised open to reveal a delicate, artistic sensibility at odds with his criminal lifestyle. In this, Audiard's 2009 follow-up, Malik (the young protagonist, played by Tahar Rahim) is neither a hardened criminal (though he is imprisoned at the start), nor does he seem to harbour any secrets in his past, artistic or otherwise. When he is committed to brutal French prison, he is a blank slate waiting to be filled.

Malik is not without talents: in fact, he turns out to be supremely capable. His advantage is the fact that he is a middle-man in every respect, belonging neither to the gang of Corsican hoods who adopt him as a gofer, nor the Muslim brotherhood who, given his north-African origins, expect his allegiance. What ensues is both thrilling and – in its cold indictment of the French prison system – terrifying. The plot is intricate and tightly wound, and Audiard exerts formidable control over every frame so that two and a half hours flash by in an instant. The nightmarish assassination scene will make you wince every time you roll your tongue.

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  1. love this movie!! me pareció una pelicula muy dura, quizá porqué la viví muy real, muy rotunda fuerte, sólida... Malik transmite mucha frialdad pero a la vez despierta emotividad él y todo lo que hace.. ví a Malik como si fuera a ser así fuera d la película, m fascinó el personaje.