Monday, October 24, 2011

MUST Watch of the season "Drive"

A long time ago, as a young filmmaker besotted with the hard-boiled pleasures of classic Hollywood, Jean-Luc Godard claimed that all anyone needed to make a film was a girl and a gun. In his new movie, “Drive,” Nicolas Winding Refn, in thrall to a later Hollywood tradition, tests out a slightly different formula. In this case all you need is a guy and a car (late-model silver Chevy Impala). An incredible film, emotional and crazy, a bit impossible because the main character seems a bit bipolar but def. a must see of this year. Also should say that the B.S.O. makes it even better, music that at least I already downloaded and will listen a lot this days. I think i had a strange sensation after watching the film because it combines action, blood and romance. It's like a bloody thriller romance. The softness of Mr. Gosling’s face and his curiously high-pitched, nasal voice make him an unusually sweet-seeming avenger, even when he is stomping bad guys into bloody pulp. I also really liked the postproduction and the frames. As we can see the title is in pink, and it reminds me of the neon 80's. 


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