Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pina Bausch von Wim Wenders

This film was presented at the Berlinale 2011 Festival.  "Pina"is a perfect combination of dance, theater and cinema. It is scened dance and a staged movie, strange and explosive combination that makes your sences work at maximum. I am a big fan of expressing feelings without words and I think nowadays words are overrated. For me this audiovisual production is the best as a combination of movement and sound because it makes you feel the whole 1h39min; it makes you sad and happy, it makes you lonely or in love, but you don't have even a second to be bored. I can't say what I love more than Dance, Theater and Cinema; only the three of them together. And to make a film putting theater and dance inside is hard. It is difficult to accomplish without making the final result a parody, a musical or something in between. But this production is serious, notorious and human performance, where everything is in perfect harmony. If somebody doesn't know who is Pina Bausch it's better if you check it in wikipedia cause I will not have space enough to explain everything about her brilliant career and personality :)

Find some time to enjoy it! 

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