Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome cinema and art friends!

Good evening,

Tonight I will introduce myself and the contents I would like to present in this space. I am very interested in visual art; mostly in cinema but also in photography and painting. I will try to recommend you good films, cinema directors, photography curiosities and art expositions my dear fellows.
In this first post I will start with Yasujirō Ozu 小津安二郎 ' a famous japanese film director. For those who never heard about him I would say that he's a classic in cinema world. His movies have a special oriental touch and he shows the intimicy of japanese way of life and family structure. I think a good monday movie would be "Tokyo Story".

Hope you will enjoy it and looking forward for your comments! 

Black Fingers

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  1. Hej Blackfingers!
    In my opinion you´ve chosen a splendid film to start your blog. A great sample of sensitivity. Though It´s not a "fast-action" film, it caught me till the first scene!!!
    thanks! and good work! ;)
    carmen sd