Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One day

Today is the hispanity day so since I live in Spain there's no classes and no work for me today. I wanted to watch some easy movie to occupy my day with something that don't let your brain think about serious issues. So I opened my laptop and chose "One day" a film directed by Lone Scherfig, with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. I wouldn't expect that it will be a touching film. I would like to recommend it even knowing that the film critics don't have a good opinion of this film. At the end of the film I remembered that I started the book on which the film is based but i didn't like the book and I only red 20 pages. I should tell you that I watched the film twice, maybe because it reminded me how many times we forget about the only important thing in this life: the people we love and who love us. 

Have a nice evening, hopefully in a nice company!


  1. A new "film-homework" for the weekend!!! Also with "Hanna" or "Wer ist Hanna" (2011)
    I would like to see the new sofia coppola´s film, and also to know your oppinion.!
    Best wishes!

  2. Done my homework, I should say that I wouldn´t watch the film twice.
    I don´t really follow the film critic, but I should say that I don´t find it a "good film" I would rather call it "a sunday afternoon film"
    I find the plot a lot of times like "cheap" and "easy", from the beginning we could say what was going to happend at the end.
    Everything in the film is obvious and a little bit superficial. In my opinion too sentimentalized.